Types of Headaches

Types of Headaches

Headache types are listed below,

Tension Headache: It usually causes pain around the head. It is closely related to stress, tension and fatigue.

Migraine: Headache: accompanied by light-sounding and nausea-vomiting frequently.

Menstrual Migraine: It is in the form of migraine attacks that come during menstrual periods.

Cluster Headache: It usually manifests as a severe pain behind the eyes. The pain usually comes in episodes that last for days, so it tends to cluster at certain times. It may be accompanied by flushing and tearing.

Tension-Related Headache: Generally, there is severe pain in the nape of the neck. It is associated with increased blood pressure.

TRrigeminal Neuralgia: It causes a sharp pain on the face and spasm of the facial muscles.

Exercise headache: Pain that occurs after exercise and exertion

What Are The Headache Areas?

Headaches can occur in a single area of ​​the head or across. For example, migraine pain is usually in one half of the head, although not always. Tension-type headache, which occurs due to stress, usually causes compression-style pain around the head.

Are There Plants That Are Good For Headaches?

There is currently no herb or extract known to have a role in treating headaches and headache types. It is recommended that patients suffering from headaches should definitely see a physician before applying herbal treatments.

How Is Headache Treated?

Today, there are many drug treatments with proven efficacy for headache. In addition, recent studies have shown that electrical stimulation of the head with direct current is an effective treatment for migraine. In the studies carried out, headache can be treated well by teaching the methods to control one’s own body.

For this reason, scientifically new proven new treatment methods are used. In addition to muscular treatments, the latest and current treatment methods such as brain stimulation and biofeedback are applied.

It is necessary to work with neurologists, psychiatrists and psychologists in the treatment of headache. A multidisciplinary treatment method should be applied to the patient. Because headache and headache types can be caused by many psychological discomfort and stress, they cause headache in mental problems and related headache types.

Regular exercise and regular nutrition are very important in the treatment of headache types. Regular exercise and regular nutrition are often recommended in the treatment of headache types. In order to get rid of the headache and the types of headaches that they experience due to this, the person should arrange their lives accordingly.


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